Yueh Cheng Co., Ltd. Founded with a registered capital of NTD5,000,000.


Purchased Two Hydraulic presses with working capacity of 600 tons and 400 tons respectively, to improve the tooling quality and work efficiency. Yueh Cheng was well known for, as a manufacturer for tooling of fender for automobiles in the market.


Manufactured the first OEM tooling, fender for Ford Festival BT-57, paved the way for the future local OEM business opportunity.


Manufactured tooling for Europe. Started to export aftermarket tooling abroad.


Manufactured tooling for Southeast Motors China and started to export OEM tooling abroad.


In order to further enhance the aftermarket tooling making skills, Yueh Cheng cooperated with Road Ahead Technology Consultant Corporation, to apply photo scanning process to get data from the sample parts to form CAD file; therefore, completely changing the traditional die making methods to reverse engineering technology.


Increase capital by NTD23,000,000 to make purchases of CNC copy machine and another 600 tons hydraulic press. On that same year, established the Poly- foam Department.


Manufactured aftermarket tooling for USA. Also acquired CAD/CAM software (Power Shape and Mill, CADCeus,… etc.) Started the student program together with the Eastern Asia Technology College.


Bought Land for new factory site located in Yingge town, Taipei Hsien.


Manufactured the Fender tooling for Mitsubishi, Taiwan and was accredited as one of their qualified tooling supplier. Also in the same year, Yueh Cheng made the automobile panel tooling for TATA of India. .It’s also in this year Yueh Cheng set-up the plan to invest another NTD200,000,000 for the new factory which started the construction in the May of 2006.


Purchased of two additional Hydraulic presses (1,200 tons and 800 tons), High speed CNC machine and Crown Block with capacity of 25 tons and 15 tons respectively. The factory moved to its present address on the April of 2007.
During June of the same year, Yueh Cheng participated in the aftermarket tooling Digitized Development Program promoted by our Board of Trade, with participating entities such as the National Steel, Taiwan National University, etc.


April, moved into new factory site located at Yingge town.

June, participate in the Automobile Aftermarket tooling digitized developement program promoted by our Board of Trade with collaboration partners as China National Steel. National Taiwan University...etc.

Purchased another high speed CNC milling machine. Manufacture tooling for European OEM, started to export OEM tooling to Europe.

Acquired ISO 9001-2008 qualification application system certifed by DNV. Purchased another 2 CNC milling machine.In june CAPA QSM Certificated Approval.AIDC (Aerospace Industrial Development Corp) S200 Certificated Approval.
Purchased another pattern NC milling machine.
Invest to purchase another simultaneous 5-Axis control machining. Expect installation to complete in the first half of 2013.
Applying AIDC AS-9100 Aerospace standard certificated and AIDC S200 mechanical component certificated.
Introduced portable CMM system: FARO Laser Tracker & FARO Arm.
AS9100 C & TS16949 certified.
Design/Manufacture tools for LUXGEN Motor and Nissan Taiwan.
Introduced 2400-ton hydraulic press.
Design/Manufacture tools for Ford (stamping tools for fender and hood of Lincoln series, aluminum panel).
Build aerospace tools for AIDC (Aerospace industrial development corporation) for about 200 sets, include HOFX/BOF/SFS/SFB.
Introduced two AWEA High-speed, 3-Axis CNC machining center. (LP-3021, 10,000rpm, travel: 3,000 mm * 2,100 mm).